What’s your story?

As many Olympians and professional athletes begin their journey, they start with enjoying a sport which may morph into a goal and a dream.  Katy Perry added her song “Rise” to an amazing video about the Olympics.  Why do I highlight this?  Much of what she sings in her lyrics applies to every athlete out there.  Victory is defined for everyone in a different way.  Whatever your goals are, victory is within reach.  You can write your own story.  Ignore the haters and ignore those negative comments and just do what is important to you as you pursue your dream and goals.


As for me, my story will come out over time.  It is a journey that changes my story each year and one I am excited about.  I never pictured myself as a triathlete, was never on my bucket list, but here I am.  I was a swimmer, diver, and tennis player in my youth.  My victory isn’t winning first place, but finally putting me first and crossing the finish line.  It’s emotional, gut-wrenching at times and  painful…but so worth it because of the journey and achieving my own victory.

Create your own story and go for your own victory.  Watch Katy Perry’s video and think about what those athletes have accomplished to get to where they were at in 2016.  Amazing stories, but even more amazing are the stories of your own journeys.

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