Team Zoot!

On November 11, 2019, I received the email I hoped for but wasn’t expecting. Why? I focus on sprint triathlons and the most I had done was 3 in one season. I am a newer triathlete who remains in the middle of the pack (not a podium finisher). I train myself.

To my surprise (and I questioned the team captain), I was selected for Team Zoot 2020. Team Zoot is a team for triathletes with a team in the USA and in Europe sponsored through Zoot Sports. I have been wearing Zoot Sports triathlon clothes for some time and have always found them to be very comfortable so the brand is not new to me. The belief of Zoot Sports and their clothing line are why I decided to apply for the team.

Each team is split into regions and in the region I belong, there are 9 states with co-captains there to assist in answering our many questions. Continuing members of Team Zoot have been welcoming and informative since day one.

I still look over my shoulder to see if someone will tell me that they made a mistake! The team (my perception) is made up of many Ironman and Kona finishers and podium winners. Then there is me! But, what I bring to the table is the focus on the shorter distance for the non-traditional age who starts later in life. I look forward to the year ahead, meeting teammates, cheering for one another at races, and potentially training with some soon. I also look forward to receiving my team kit – wow, I receive a team kit in February!!! Someone pinch me! LOL.

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