In June 2015, I completed my first sprint triathlon and soon after an email came out asking athletes to apply to be an Ambassador for the race series.  I didn’t apply thinking I was too new, only had completed one sprint triathlon, and what could I really offer in that role.  In January 2016, I attended a style event where the race series had a table and in conversation with them they asked if I had applied.  Turns out the one individual behind the table was the Marketing Director and they really liked my story and the fact I was so new at this sport.  The next week, I was offered a position as a race series ambassador and the rest is history.  Well, maybe not.

I continued in that role for two years until the race series was bought out.  In the meantime, I had an opportunity to meet and become friends with other ambassadors.  Some of which reached out to tell me they thought I would be a good ambassador for xyz company.  After conducting some research (I wasn’t about to represent a company unless I believed in it and had used it), I applied for a few ambassadorships and was selected!  Some of these have continued for 5 years.  For 2022, I am proud and honored to be representing Team Zoot 2022 (triathlon team), Honey Stinger (nutrition), Nuun (hydration), and Michelob Ultra (beer) as I train and compete in this season.   Check out these companies, use discounts (shown on the promo page) and good luck in your own training! #teamzoot #teamzootgreatlakes #teamnuun #nuunlife #hshive #stingorbeestung #teamultra


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