Speed Traps for Bikes!

Sometimes, one just needs to laugh.  I had read through various discussion boards that it is possible for a cyclist to be pulled over and cited for going too fast in certain areas.  Surprising, but then not really since cyclists are to follow the rules of the road (check out your state in these State Bike Laws).  I had just got my bike back from the shop and was flying while testing!  Must have been having brake issues longer than I thought. 🙁  When driving, I think many of us have triggered speed sensor signs warning us that we may be above the speed limit.  Never thought that would happen on a bike!  However, during a ride, I triggered a speed sensor sign while riding at at 22 mph in a 25 mph!  I laughed out loud and anyone watching me had to wonder what that laughter was all about since I was biking on my own.  Now I want to try to trigger the speed sensor again!  What speed sensor have you triggered and what speed flashed at you?

Nevada, By Famartin – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Before biking, always check the speed limit signs, know the rules of the road for cycling, understand bike safety, and have fun but be safe while on your bike.  And when you trigger a speed sensor, laugh out loud no matter who is around you because cycling should be fun.

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