Rankings Continued…

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The final rankings for 2019 are in and I’m about where I expected to be this year! Rankings can be filtered by sport (triathlon, aquabike, etc.), age (5 year increments), gender, as well as by region and state. The rankings here are based on my gender, age, and triathlons.

Goals in 2019 were to start and finish each race, one step at a time. I achieved that! And now I have something to work towards and I consider 2019 to be my new baseline. It is pretty cool to see friends I have made in this sport that did so well in the rankings! I hope to be like them one day.

2020 will bring 3 sprint triathlons as well as 2 aquabike races which is new for me. I decided to toss a couple in that didn’t require a run to give my hip a break and see if I like the aquabike option. Time will tell! I also tossed in a variety of running races, both domestically and internationally from 5k-15k distances throughout the year to get my running back on board. Look forward to seeing what my body allows me to do in 2020.

What’s on your race schedule this year?

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