Open Water Swim Clinics 2019

NOTE – In 2020 COVID stopped many of clinics from happening. Will update in 2021 with updated clinic information as it becomes available.


Each year, as athletes dig ourselves out of off-season, many triathletes know that open water training is important before that first tri of the season. But where do you do this? How do you find out where they are? Depending on where one lives will determine where, hours, and cost!

Type into Google (or whichever search engine you use) the words “Open Water Swim Clinic” and over 57 million hits shows up. Does one need to participate in a clinic or just hop in some water to swim? Some will live near a lake (such as Boyce-Gyro Beach Park) and can swim following beach rules. Others may live near a quarry such as Centennial Beach.

For those looking for a bit of coaching or assistance, an open water swim clinic will be a good option. These allow swimmers to get used to the water temperatures and swimming with 50 other swimmers, or world’s closest friends. Local fitness stores, triathlon teams, tri stores, etc. often host these throughout the typical triathlon season. Some options include:

June 8 – July 13, 2019, Each Saturday, Fresh Water Swim Clinic, British Colomia, Canada, 7-8:15 am, Free if registered for related races

June 15, 2019, Team MPI Open Water Swim Clinic, Boise, Idaho, Free, 7:30 – 10 am

June 22, 2019, Fleet Feet Open Water Swim Clinic, Chicago, IL, Free, 6 am

June 25, July 23, and August 20, 2019,Open Water Swim Clinic, Chicago, IL, Tuesdays, $10 required donation, 4:30/5:30/6:30 pm start times

These sessions are a great way to test wetsuits, currents, and water temp as well as swim in a large group. There are no black lines here to guide you! Use that search engine to find a clinic near you – where will you train? Share in the comments additional free or low-cost clinics that you find. Take a friend, enjoy your swim, and remember to hydrate and take in some nutrition.  #stingorbeestung #hshive #theoriginalenergywaffle #nuunambassador #nuunhydration

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