New Year…New Goals! Bring it 2018!

The start of a new year means fresh beginnings, new goals, and many months of adventure.  For some, they set resolutions or goals at the beginning of the year.  These goals may change or strengthen over time.  For me, I like the word ‘goals’ over ‘resolutions,’ but that is just me and I definitely set some goals for 2018 related to fitness!

In 2018, my fitness goals include:

  • Building more endurance
  • Toning up
  • Improving my running skills for distance, consistency, and speed (I’m still a new runner)
  • Complete one indoor triathlon, two sprint triathlons, four 5k races, one 5-miler race, and one 8k race
  • Continue with my cycling group to improve on speed and distance as well as using my bike more efficiently
  • Train to run my first 10k to prepare to race in my first Olympic Triathlon in 2019
  • Improve on my 2017 Esprit de She Sprint Triathlon time by 4 minutes

To accomplish these fitness goals, I am working with a personal trainer, participating in HIT which is High Intensity Training (some places call it HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training), doing some kickboxing and barre classes, as well as putting in the miles in swimming, biking, and running.


I will ride with the cycling group starting in April but until then will participate in a Cycling Class.


I will also join weekly runs with a local running club.  Ambitious, but doable.  Over the winter, I have been in ‘maintenance mode’ but will now kick it into gear starting tonight in my first indoor cycling class since last winter.

So, where will my first 10k be?  I felt that it needed to be in a new place for me, something memorable.  So, I chose a goal to run my very first 10k in another country, in Montreal, at the Rock n’ Roll series.   Some friends will be joining as runners and/or cheerleaders.  Can’t wait to celebrate in Montreal with those friends.

What are your 2018 fitness goals?



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