Honey Stinger

I am super excited to share that I have been selected to continue as a 2021 Ambassador for Honey Stinger!   This will be my fourth year and I can’t wait! Ambassadors represent both elite and amateur status (I am on the amateur side) athletes in a wide range of sports – running, cycling, swimming, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, etc. as well as do multiple sports such as triathlons.

When I was first selected in 2018, and as I shared the news, some friends  jumped for joy because they love the product so much and others have asked what Honey Stinger is.  There are many nutrition options out there for athletes and non-athletes and it is difficult to keep them all straight.  I was first introduced to Honey Stinger through a sample in a goodie bag at a triathlon.  It was the Mango Orange Energy Gel which is still one of my favorite flavors to date.  I liked the smooth texture and the taste of the gel and it gave me a great energy boost.  Over time, I looked more into this energy gel and found that Honey Stinger also has many flavor options of gels, chews, bars, and waffles.

I like to pour honey in my tea and drizzle it onto cheese on crackers, so it made sense to me that I really liked the texture and flavors.  For those of you with nut allergies, know that the bars have some type of nut in them.  There are organic and gluten-free options as well. Check out this grid by Honey Stinger:

Keep an eye out for announcements of specials that may come up through the year.  If you already use Honey Stinger, what is your favorite flavor and nutrition item?  I look forward to training for my 2021 races with Honey Stinger!   #HSHIVE #HoneyStinger #StingorBeeStung #TheOriginalEnergyWaffle

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