I am excited to announce that I have been selected as a 2022 Nuun Legacy Ambassador and am returning for my fifth year!  I am honored and amazed to be included with such a group of active athletes from across the USA and Canada!  There are runners, triathletes, cyclists, dancers, gymnasts, hikers, 2022 Olympic hopefuls, etc.!  The photos are amazing of what these athletes do.  Our common goal is that we want to keep muuving and stay hydrated. 

As we exercise, we tend to sweat (or glisten if you prefer) and lose electrolytes which need replenished.  The Nuun hydration options (Sport, Vitamin, Immunity, and Rest) are great to pop into a bottle of water to hydrate.  The tabs are portable and the bottle is reusable as storage (ambassadors use them for hair ties, bobby pins, safety pins, q-tips, Lysol wipes, etc.)   More information to come over the next few months, but in the meantime, check out the nuun website for more information on this hydration product and the many flavors you can choose from!  Recently, I have been drawn to the Strawberry-Lemonade and Spiced Cider options. What are your favorite flavors?

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