Free Triathlon Preparation Clinics

In preparation for triathlons of any distance, there are often free clinics and workouts that athletes can join in on.  These are great opportunities to work with a coach for a short period, learn from someone who is a bit more experienced, and gain new tips on having a great triathlon.  During some swim clinics, you even have the opportunity to try out a wetsuit, learn how to pull them on and off, and how to enter the water while wearing it. 

There are free clinics and workouts planned throughout the country.  Check with your local triathlon, running, and/or bicycle store to learn what they are offering and check the triathlon website in your city as they will often list upcoming training events there.  Some upcoming events in the Chicago area include:

5/20/17 – Transition 101 Workshop, Chicago, IL

5/31/17 – Open Water Swim Clinic, Naperville, IL

6/27/17 – Open Water Swim & Clinic #1, Chicago, IL

7/25/17 – Open Water Swim & Clinic #2 ,Chicago, IL

8/22/17 – Open Water Swim & Clinic #3, Chicago, IL

Check them out.  They are free!  There may be a small fee to enter a park (for example, Centennial Beach charges $3 in the evenings), so be aware of that.  Remember in a swim clinic, to wear what you are thinking of wearing for the triathlon to ‘try it out’ before race day.  At some locations, a wetsuit rental company may be on hand to rent out to you a wetsuit to try out for the session.     



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