Changing it Up!

Over time, I have found that doing just running, biking, and swimming can be monotonous and doesn’t address all of the training I need to do for competing in a triathlon.  For me, I also need strength and endurance training, as well as ways to jolt my body so it doesn’t get in a rut.  In looking around, I have tried kickboxing and HIT/HIIT training, both of which I have enjoyed.  Recently, I won a free month at a company that provides ballet barre exercises, yoga, and Pilates.  I was never a dancer or ballerina, never did barre exercises, and my flexibility needs some help so I decided to check it out.  My first class was Daily Basics so I could learn about the moves and get the basic alignment down.  Today I checked out the Daily Cycle class which combines 40 minutes of cycling with 20 minutes of upper body, core strengthening, and stretching (see photo for what the studio looks like).  Both men and women were in this class.

Barre work is not something I ever pictured myself doing as I typically find focused movements too slow for me.  However, I have found muscles I didn’t even know I had in just two classes, even with the minor movements.  Being in the cycle class allowed me to focus on form and the instructor was great at explaining after class as to why she had me make adjustments on the bike.  The indoor cycle training season has begun for me and this year, I need to focus on the little details like correct form to help me in my cycling.  I actually look forward to future classes to see what else I will learn.  #NEVERDO #Realwomenmove #skirtsports.




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