I took my first running steps in my 40s starting in 2013 and competed in my first sprint triathlon in 2015.  That makes me a newer athlete that is learning something new each year!  Okay, more than one thing each year.  In younger years, I was a varsity tennis player

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Welcome To My Site

This website is geared to those who are considering taking a first step to a new sport such as running or triathlons and/or are newer to this sport.  It will include information on clinics, equipment shopping, and the journey.   For 2021, I have been selected as an Ambassador for

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5K Race Results

I am by far not the fastest, but I do work to try to improve my times in each race.  In my very first 5k ever (2013), I crossed the finish line at 36:56 with a pace of 11:53 min/mile.  My best time is 32:50 minutes with a pace of

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