Ambassador excitement!

I am ecstatic and honored to learn and share that I was selected as a 2021 Brand Ambassador for Balega (year 1), Garmin (year 1), Honey Stinger (year 4), and Nuun as a Legacy member (year 4) as well as a 2021 team member of Team Zoot (year 2) and Team Ultra (year 1). Wow! I look back and wonder how in the world did this happen? Many ask me what does this actually mean then I often get asked if I get to share goodies or discounts. I am also asked how this happened as I am not a professional athlete, not a podium finisher, and haven’t been racing my entire life.

It happened on a fluke of being at the right place at the right time and not realizing it. I had completed my first sprint triathlon in 2015 and six months later, my life changed for the better. In January 2016, I attended an event with a friend where a table happened to be for Esprit de She (I conned my friend into registering for her first triathlon). After talking with the representative about my first triathlon, I was asked if I had applied for the ambassador program. I had not and explained I was still new in this world and they said they liked that about me and they were interested in my being an ambassador. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I was in but had no idea what I was doing. LOL. Along the way, I met some amazing women who helped me learn and grow as a person, athlete, and ambassador. Eventually that program ended and I missed the feeling of being in a team, and working with other athletes. My fellow ambassadors pointed me in the right direction and I applied for a couple of ambassador programs, but only for products I used and thought highly of. To my surprise, I was selected!

Through the years, I have had opportunities to explore other products, decide what I liked and didn’t like. Although I am still not a professional athlete, nor a podium finisher, I am stronger as an athlete and more confident as a person because of the doors I chose to walk through. Representing and using the different products, wearing the attire I like best, meeting and supporting others who are doing the same has been a wonderful part of my life and fitness journey. I am so thankful that these companies believe in me as much as I believe in them.

Here’s hoping 2021 brings much joy to all and that those who are interested in racing are able to do so in-person, safely.

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