2019 Goals and Resolutions

Each year on or near January 1, many make resolutions for the year ahead. These resolutions often relate to losing weight, career changes, family, fitness, travel, and many others. If one writes them down, will one achieve the goals? I’ve been asked by many, what are my 2019 fitness resolutions or goals? Especially since I didn’t fully achieve my 2018 goals. In 2019, my goals are:

1. Work more efficiently on my website (http://triathletelisa.com) and learn more about WordPress.

2. Stay injury-free! (Does it count that I’m still in physical therapy from an injury in 2018?)

3. Compete in 2 sprint triathlons

4. Earn a PR for running (my current 5k PR is 32:50 from 2015)

5. Improve my nutrition

6. Build more endurance

And yes, additional goals include losing 5 pounds, travel, continue exploring what aspects of my career makes me happy and focus on that, and participating in new adventures in my own city (i.e. be a tourist in my own town). Because of being in physical therapy, I have to be realistic about which races I do this year. My physical therapist thinks the Indoor Triathlon in a couple of weeks will be good for me and believes I’ll be ready for the tri in June. I’m stronger than I was two months ago but still have a ways to go. I look forward to seeing what 2019 brings for all of us. What are your goals? Will they be running a certain amount of miles? Will it be trying a new race or new race distance? Will it be traveling to a new state or country for a race? Fun to dream big so do that! Share what your dreams and goals are.

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